Sunday, 28 October 2018

Ask these questions?

  1. What is this KNEE Pain?
  2. How does it trouble me?
  3. What is this due to?
  4. What is osteoporosis?
  5. What is osteoarthritis?
  6. What is meant by Osteo?
  7. Is it hereditary?
  8. How can I avoid getting into this?
  9. What is acupressure?
  10. What is acupuncture?
  11. What is reflexology?
  12. What is Siddha medicine?
  13. What is Ayurvedic medicine?
  14. What is Naturopathy?
  15. What is Allopathy?
  16. What is sympathy?
  17. Are you suffering from knee pain?
  18. Which pathy are you following?
  19. Which medicine or treatment works well?
  20. For advts.sake and for getting money do not tell lies in Advt. and fool all gullible people.
  21. What is physiotherapy?
  22. Have you undergone knee replacement?
  23. What is your experience?
  24. Which pain balms/oils did you use/are using and getting relief?
  25. Again do not tell lies for the sake of money.
  26. Send all you replies to :
  28. Please tell only the truth and nothing but the truth and oblige.
  29. Advertisers/mfrs. please do this favour.(make money but with true medicines of benefit to users)
  30. If necessary ,we may even contact the real users and not the celebrities.

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