Monday, 29 October 2018

Invitation to all advisors 5

  1. Hearty invitation  with all best wishes to you all who are interested to help  the world community who are suffering from 
  3. Please do not do this for self publicity or for expecting money from every source.
  4. Alleviate the PAIN  and the blessings of theirs will take you to GREAT HEIGHTS of good health,peace and plenty of prosperity.
  5. Request you to send in your suggestions and opinions  to
  6. and oblige.

Fron the you tube videos, 4

  1. Many many thanks to Blogger and You Tube video  creators who are interested in helping the people suffering  from knee pain.


All these videos are for your reference and you try each one which you like and give us feed back so it will be beneficial to those brethren who suffer from this pain.

Let them bless you for you longlife,peace and plenty of prosperity.

You can send in your comments and suggestions  and valuable opinions to

Our sincere and hearty thanks to each and everyone who tries to help the suffering people. 

Our special thanks to you tube and Blogger for giving this privilege to be helpful to the world citizens in toto.


  • If you really have the sincere feeling to relieve the suffering of your brothers and sisters who have knee pain, please make a video or give suggestion and not for self publicity.
  • Our Hearty and sincere thanks to all who solve this problem by their videos.

knee pain solutions in you tube videos

  1. Hearty thanks to those sincere humanitarian you tube video creators for helping all those who are really suffering from KNEE PAIN.
  2. But advertisers who are simply putting to push your sales to gullible people please do not do this and  do this favour.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Therapy of all kinds

  1. Will Music therapy give relief from Knee pain?
  2. Will  any Sanskrit Slokas give relief from knee pain?
  3. How to avoid getting knee pain?
  4. Please tell you real experiences and not copy from you tube/or blogs or websites.
  5. Please send in your suggestions real experiences to
  7. Please please do not tell lies for the sake of money.
  8. Let the real users/customers who can vouchsafe if needed answer these.
  9. If you have used any therapy and got complete relief ,help the others with your true story.
  10. Blessings and best wishes for telling the truth for the benefit of the Humanity and community.

Ask these questions?

  1. What is this KNEE Pain?
  2. How does it trouble me?
  3. What is this due to?
  4. What is osteoporosis?
  5. What is osteoarthritis?
  6. What is meant by Osteo?
  7. Is it hereditary?
  8. How can I avoid getting into this?
  9. What is acupressure?
  10. What is acupuncture?
  11. What is reflexology?
  12. What is Siddha medicine?
  13. What is Ayurvedic medicine?
  14. What is Naturopathy?
  15. What is Allopathy?
  16. What is sympathy?
  17. Are you suffering from knee pain?
  18. Which pathy are you following?
  19. Which medicine or treatment works well?
  20. For advts.sake and for getting money do not tell lies in Advt. and fool all gullible people.
  21. What is physiotherapy?
  22. Have you undergone knee replacement?
  23. What is your experience?
  24. Which pain balms/oils did you use/are using and getting relief?
  25. Again do not tell lies for the sake of money.
  26. Send all you replies to :
  28. Please tell only the truth and nothing but the truth and oblige.
  29. Advertisers/mfrs. please do this favour.(make money but with true medicines of benefit to users)
  30. If necessary ,we may even contact the real users and not the celebrities.

You Tube videos for help solve knee pain